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Eat to Your Health- Not Your Weight

Today is International Self-Care Day. To celebrate, I decided to share one part of my self-care routine and the mantra I associate with it. The older I get the more I realize the important of taking care of my body. I am guilty of going all day without eating or drinking anything but coffee. I know, I know, I am a real work-horse. Once I get started on a task, I don't want to put it down until it is complete. To combat my dangerous habit I adopted the mantra "Eat to Your Health".

"Eat to Your Health" is important to me because I feel I make excuses for not putting myself first. I blame work, my schedule, my budget, my time, my chores and even myself for not deserving to take care of me. In the past, I was under the impression that I had to be on a "diet" to make smarter food choices. I felt that if I was not on a strict work out plan and vowing to loose 50 pounds, my efforts of eating cleaner were in vain. Unfortunately, I also feel that society looks at plus size individuals side ways when we are trying to make better lifestyle choices. Smoothies, fruit, proteins shakes and salads are not reserved for people that are thin. I also think it is a misconception that cutting out certain foods will automatically make a person thin. To elaborate, I cut soda and juices out of my diet over five years ago. When I am offered a beverage or state I will drink from my water bottle, people look at me as if my choice was in vein because my appearance does't reflect their ideals of what someone who does not consume soda or tea would look like. With that being said, the body needs fuel and I choose to "Eat to My Health- Not My Weight".

Today, I understand that any effort to be a better version of myself is worth the work.

One addition to my routine is a simple smoothie. Weekly I buy strawberries, berries and bananas. I make a couscous effort to put the ingredients together (I will share a few of my receipts in another post) at least three times a week and drink it. I drink smoothies for the following reasons:

1. Liquids give your digestive system a mini break.

2. I get more fruits and veggies in my diet by drinking smoothies

3. It is a fun way to consume protein powder.

4. It can be a delicious meal I can consume on the go or at my desk.

Smoothies are just one of the many small changes to my routine that have put me one step closer to loving myself by putting myself first.

Until next time, "Eat to Your Health"


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